'For the Love of Denim' - is what it's all about. We love Selvedge Denim, Leather Boots & Jackets; simply the best of each!

We aim to stock the most quality made clothing for men there is, carrying only brands with a rich history of manufacturing, in some cases this means nearly a century!
It's about authentically made pieces, crafted by well-trained & well-payed craftspeople. We don't appreciate out-sourcing. WESCO boots are entirely made in the USA. The raw jeans from brands such as The Flat Head or Iron Heart, again, are entirely crafted in Japan.

We put faith in our brands, both young and old, with their high integrity & uncompromising approach. Uncommon for this 21st century we respect each and every of our products - for the research that went into it, the long lasting materials, the authentic reproduction or innovative production, the beauty of the finished product... And what's even more important, we have a huge respect towards every single person involved in the manufacturing process!

We started our own brick & mortar store in 2013, followed by our online-store in Fall 2015. With this latest step we want you to have a very nice & professional online shopping experience. We are equally proud of our both stores and we hope that you will 'feel' the same atmosphere of our brick & mortar store in our online-store too!

Welcome to the church of denim!

Photo: Martin Szymanski

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