Iron Heart IHxVS-T1-DD

Iron Heart IHxVS-T1-DD


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Vater&Sohn X Iron Heart
16.5oz Indigo/Indigo Duck Type I Jacket

We are super proud to show you here our and Iron Heart´s take on a traditional Type I jacket, but made less boxy and slightly longer than the original design to give it a more fitted look

- 16,5 oz. indigo rope dyed weft and warp cotton duck (canvas)
- super dark blue face and reverse
- will fade relatively quickly with great shades of dark indigo through to near white
- all felled seams, the arm/torso seans are taped too.
- single breast pocket, the flap being lined in lighter weight blue duck
- buckle cinch back
- copper rivets, zinc buttons and iron buckle were submerged in Kojima Bay for 3 months before the jackets were constructed

Sanforized but unwashed, so there will be a little shrinkage (no more than half a full size)!

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