Studio d'Artisan

Founded in 1979, Studio d’Artisan is one of the oldest, most well-known high-end denim brands in Japan.

When the quality of the original jeans, imported from the U.S. became worse and worse, vintage collector Shigeharu Tagaki took the production of authentic & quality made selvedge jeans in his own hands. Thus being the first of that illustrous group that was soon after known to Denimheads as the "Osaka 5"!

Using mostly a sturdy, midnight blue, raw 15 oz. selvegde denim, woven on old japanese Toyoda shuttle looms and dyed with pure indigo, as it's both american and japanese tradition, his jeans are authentic reproductions of their old idols, the famous 501 in its various iterations throughout history!

We stock a small, but fine and classic range of Studio d'Artisan selvedge jeans. These jeans are subtle beauties, made to last & age with grace by japanese master craftspeople.
Studio d'Artisan
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